Solo living/drowning

Question: Guessed you missed the humor. Ever try to drown a fish?

Answer 1: Sorry but you are WRONG! Fish can indeed drown!

Answer 2: You mean there’s still hope? I’ll have to look into drowning the fish more carefully. I doubled the water in the tanks just now hoping more water would kill them off, but now they’re so happy, they’re swimming cartwheels. Maybe there is still a solution to my 1,656 baby fish. I’ve even tried to feed them to death, but they just grow bigger and make even more babies! And have the nerve to smile at me every time I walk into the room. The little devils have outsmarted me at every turn. In the meantime, I am going to take 50 of the little monsters of the deep to my local pet shop and let him unload my problems on someone else. He made $300 off the last batch I took there. He’s real happy with my predicament.

Answer 3: Yes, put its head in the air! Sorry, Fish-keeper on a small scale (!) too.

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