Solution to prevent and manage RSI

Many organizations and their employees are already encountering enormous costs resulting from RSIs. In the last decade, RSIs such as tendinitis and carpal tunnel have become the #1 job-related illness in the US. Musculoskeletal disorder costs to businesses are huge, reaching $45-54 billion per year. Assistant Secretary of Labor Charles N. Jeffress told a Congressional Subcommittee that after 10 years studying the problem, OSHA believes it is time to act now. But what can you do? Until recently, organizations have had little choice but to bear the consequences of repetitive strain injuries caused by the keyboard and mouse. Today, computer users finally have a comprehensive solution for preventing and managing repetitive strain injuries.

RSIGuard Software’s award-winning solution, RSIGuard (, enhances awareness to prevent and manage repetitive strain injuries. For example, with RSIGuard’s customizable features, users immediately turn a mouse into an automatically clicking mouse; receive stretch/break reminders based on actual use of the keyboard and mouse, and track work intensity statistics. You can visit to download a free trial of RSIGuard and experience firsthand the powerful effects of this software. The regular cost per user is only $40. Contact RSIGuard ( to receive information about volume discounts offered for site licenses, which substantially decrease the cost per user.
Background Information:
The Occupational Safety and Health Administration recently “has identified and sent letters to almost 13,000 workplaces with the highest occupational injury and illness rates and is urging the employers to take action to remove hazards causing the high rates.” In the letter, OSHA advises employers to “consider hiring an outside safety and health consultant, talking with their insurance carrier, or contacting the workers’ compensation agency in their state for advice.” When the Department of Labor Secretary Charles Jeffress testified before the House Small Business Committee on April 13, 2000, he said: “Work related musculoskeletal disorders are the most widespread occupational health hazard facing our Nation today. Nearly two million workers suffer work-related musculoskeletal disorders every year, and more than 600,000 lose time from work as a result. Although the median number of lost workdays associated with these incidents is seven days, the most severe injuries can put people out of work for months and even permanently impact their ability to perform their job.

In addition, $1 of every $3 spent on workers’ compensation stems from insufficient ergonomic protection. The direct costs attributable to MSDs are $15 to $20 billion per year, with total annual costs reaching $45 to $54 billion.” (Source: OSHA Congressional Testimonies) In December 1996, a federal jury in NY “handed down the first verdict holding a computer equipment manufacturer liable for repetitive stress injuries. The Digital Equipment Corporation was ordered to pay $6 million in damages to three women for failing to adequately warn workers that their risk of injury increased when they used DEC keyboards.” (Source: March 23, 1997, NY Times article, “Debate Over Repetitive Stress Injuries Heats Up,” Sabra Chartrand). Please let us know what you think about RSIGuard!

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