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I’m new to this list too, I’ve had very severe and painful RSI and all the other symptoms (back pain etc) for about a year now, but I have been lucky enough to have a very helpful doctor, physio and even a rheumatologist, they all acknowledged the RSI straight away and have given me a recovery plan – lots of exercise and physio and posture advise. While I still can’t work I feel so much better that I am a different person and I am in virtually no pain unless I use a computer, I am also confident that I will eventually have a full recovery. Here are the details for anyone who is interested. If you only see one of the below, I particularly recommend Dr. Remington. They are all based in London.

Dr Remington Tel 0208 959 1212
Physio – Caroline Rugman Tel 0207323 4263 (Chaterhouse Physiotherepy)
Rheumatologist Mr. Huskisson Tel:0207636 4278

As for the issue about RSI being legally recognised I have been advised by several lawyers that RSI sufferers nearly always win their case and it never actually goes to court. However it is stressful and can be unpleasant taking action against your employers. You probably won’t get more than 10k from the action. Hope this is useful for some of you.

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