Is there a source of published info, that would give me something that I could ‘dump on his desk’?

Question: I Have RSI – Teno both hands, Chronic Bursitis and two Frozen Shoulders.  For the last 8 years I have woken most mornings with that ‘gone to sleep, tingly and at it’s worst no sensation at all feeling’ in one or both arms.  I have been told (by the medicals) that this is nothing to do with my RSI but due to a whiplash injury. I was also told (and still am) that it will ‘go away of it’s own accord.  I have this odd sort of idea that the wrists, elbows, shoulders AND neck are connected. My doctor is pretty laid back but does not readily accept ‘anecdotal’ evidence.  Is there a source of published info (medical) that would give me something that I could ‘dump on his desk’?  At the moment his attitude is ‘as long as you’re managing,’ ‘keep taking the pain relief’ (this is prescribed for my legs!) – the symptoms are getting worse – I am developing a tremor in my hands after exertion.  I am a career on ICA (£39.95 wk. + DLA which covers transport) – private medicine is no longer an option. The NHS physios come out with comments like ‘it’s impossible to have Teno in both wrists’ and ‘RSI goes away quickly’. I had to change doctors due to the attitudes of a previous Hitler!  I cannot stop working, I have no access to exercise programmes (The Welsh sports centre for the Disabled insisted I attempt to use a ‘Hand Bike’).  My posture is bad (due to other ‘problems’).  I am on my present doctor’s list by ‘pulling strings’ if I create problems the AHA will transfer me back to the ‘correct doctor for my area’ (automatically by computer!!!!) who is my previous doctor.

Answer: I don’t know what to say , I can’t think of anything helpful to say,  one point apart: I think you should push to see a rheumatologist who can do proper tests. Really I’d have thought a neurologist would be a good idea too. (I’m not saying that to scare you. I just do think numbness should be properly checked out.)  I know none of this is easy to get, I’ve had problems myself getting referrals. The worst thing was when a pharmacist who I think saw I was in shock, whose daughter had also had a fall and had had a scan, said I should have one and should see a neurologist.  I told the regular locum doctor this. She said, “The waiting list is 6 weeks. By then, anything that could happen would have.”  You think that’s bad? Wait for it: she said that to a patient (me) who is on their records as being unable to cope with stress!  (Like doctors saying, “By then… “)  This stuff isn’t just lack of money for the NHS <rant cut short>  I think I’ll indulge in a bit of depression over a cup of tea!

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