Spain as RSI cure?

I just got back from 3 weeks in Spain, which my doctor recommended for my RSI (severe elbow tendonitis going on more than a year now). She said the southern climate really makes chronic pain better than hanging around in the cold cloudy climes of Germany. Can’t say as I really believed her but it was worth a shot, especially as the treatment itself was so pleasant. Well, it worked. My arms are much better. Hooray doctor, hooray spain, hooray sun on my arms!

Comment 1: Do you reckon the NHS would fund this sort of ‘cure’?

Comment 2: There is a programme called xwrits which brings up a persistent flashing box after a predefined amount of time, and which stays around until you have had your set period of rest. It monitors the mouse and keyboard to check that you are doing your rest. As it is an X application, it should be usable on all UNIX machines.

Comment 3: I am off to Greece for a week soon. I am going to leave the splints at home and try to be normal for a week. I’m trying to ignore the tendency for my hands to throb in hot weather. What the heck, I’ll just dip them in the sea and have another glass of retsina.

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