Speaking of pints and quarts

Some of my American recipes use ‘cups’. I am wondering what that is. An American friend said it works out as being the same as a ‘mug’.

Comment 1: It’s about a mug. “Cup” is a slightly variable term, which can either be 200ml, or 250ml depending on author, and some seem to use level measure and some “scoop” (slightly rounded) measure. If you do a lot of cooking from American recipes its worth finding a measuring jug calibrated in both US cups and dry measure weight – a lot of recipes use volume for weight.

Comment 2: Sometimes you can get away with US cups in a recipe (it’s just a volume measure – 237 ml). However there is a problem that I’m very aware of from another list. The US grind size must be different for some flours as the recipes don’t always work well. You understand that the grind size is the size to which the grains of flour have been ground. With rice flour there can be a weight variation of 75% depending on whether it’s ground fine or coarse. Whether this affects wheat flour or not I don’t know as the recipes I use are exclusively gluten-free.

Comment 3: A cup is 8 ounces. Cups make pints, which make quarts, and then gallons. Metric is so much easier.

Comment 4: If you are measuring in cups (check to make sure it is a US cup as Australian cups are different) remember to tap the cup to settle the contents of the container! I speak from experience here. Also David is correct about the measures and how fine the powder is ground. I tend to measure American recipes using my cup measures and then weigh them. If the recipe works I then have an accurate weighed version of the recipe! You can buy a set of American cup measures from:

Barbara’s Kitchen,
PO Box 54
CF72 8WD
Tel 01443 229 304
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No affiliation, I’m just a satisfied customer as I get coeliac supplies from her.

Comment 5: I looked on my measuring cups and there is a conversion printed there.
1 cup=250 ml
1/2 cup=125 ml
1/3 cup=80 ml
1/4 cup=60 ml

Comment 6: I have one that says:
1 cup = 250ml
1/2 cup = 100ml
Never really figured that one out.

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