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Question: I feel I am going around in circles at the moment! After a lot of persuasion my GP (who seems to think that the pain I have in my arm is psychological rather than physical) agreed to refer me to a specialist (Dr Paul MacLoughlin) in RSI type injuries. I was given Dr Mac’s name by someone at the RSI Association helpline as he is an expert in occupational health and work related injuries. I am happy to use a private¬†doctor for this consultation as my company healthcare covers the cost, and as far as I am concerned it was my company’s fault that I have pain in the first place. I then found out that PPP does not recognise Dr Mac. even though all the other health insurers (BUPA etc.) do. So, I am faced with an initial consultation fee of 150 + travel costs to London, as well as costs for any other follow up visits, or to see an alternative doctor.

Can anybody on the list help by giving me some alternative names for recognised specialists in RSI type injuries that PPP will cover the costs for (I can check this if anyone has any names). I really want to find out what is the root cause of the pain (is it nerve, tendon, muscular etc) before giving in to another load of pain killer drugs or acupuncture again. I have been for X-rays, MRI, nerve conduction (all normal) as well as a full check over by a chiropractor for skeletal problems. I am getting to my wits end over this now.

Answer 1: I’ve got an appointment to see a Dr Wajed at Hemel Hempstead hospital next week. He’s actually a rheumatologist but he specialises in RSI and runs a clinic on a Thursday afternoon. I don’t know whether he recognises PPP but you could try him and see. The department of rheumatology number is 01442 287049.

Answer 2: Sorry to hear of your dilemma and pain. Try contacting Rosemary White. She used to be a state registered physio and now has her own practice in Newark. She is a very good RSI specialist. She is definitely worth talking to and knows an awful lot of people. If she can’t help you, then she will know someone who can.

Rosemary White
Martindale House
Lombard Street
NG24 1XG
Tel: 01636 613605

Answer 3: Does anyone know of a specialist in RSI type injuries in the U.S., preferably close to Louisiana, Mississippi, Arkansas or Texas? Thanks.

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