My surgery says that they can recommend me to go and see specialists in RSI in other parts of the country if such exist. This is important to me for firstly, any insight into my own RSI, and secondly, because should there be a need to change job description medical support will be needed by my employer. Recently somebody mentioned a rheumatologist in London. I’d like to know the names and hospitals of any specialists and your experiences with them, please.

Comment 1: I’ve just received a letter from my local health authority confirming that I’m on a waiting list to see a consultant – thing is apparently I’ve been referred to an orthopedic surgeon – I thought it was neurologists and rheumatologists who tended to see RSI cases – does anyone know how on the ball orthopedic surgeons are ? There’s no real hurry as the waiting list is apparently at 11 weeks (which I suppose isn’t actually too bad all things considered!) Hope all are well.

Comment 2: I have very recently seen an orthopedic surgeon who sent me for an MRI scan. The results of the scan showed there to be apparently nothing wrong and he told me to go away and what and see what happens in the next few months! My experience is therefore that they do not believe RSI exists and would be  interested to hear if you receive the opposite reaction.

Comment 3: It seems several people are searching for specialists in their area at the moment. Can I remind everyone that the RSIA might be able to help? In the first place, if there’s a local RSI support group in your area, the RSIA can put you in touch – and the local support group are the most likely people to know about the local doctors. If there isn’t a local support group, it’s still possible the RSIA may know of a doctor in the area who has an interest in RSI. (or you could consider starting a support group) The RSIA Helpline is 0800 018 5012, Mon – Fri 11.30 to 4. Please do join the RSIA and get their extremely informative information pack (3.95 ukp). You will get the newsletter too, with articles and up-to-date information about RSI.

Comment 4: I am the Chairperson of an RSI Support Group in Auckland, New Zealand. I would appreciate it if you could give me the e-mail address of the U.K. RSIA. I think it could be useful for information for our group. P.S. I have suffered RSI, or OOS as it is now called here, since 1993. I have also developed a condition known as Fibromyalgia.

Comment 5: My friend who has RSI, (and no email, hence uses mine) has now been referred to Mr. Tom Price Rheumatologist, somewhere in West Midlands, has anyone me with this gentleman?


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