Sport and useful Xmas gift

I joined a karate group as I felt weak and lethagic from ‘rest’. The only things I can’t do are press-ups (from none 1 year ago I can now do 3 half press-ups). Admittedly, I have milder RSI than some of the people on the list but I think karate has helped – Firstly to improve my general health and also to boost my confidence x100. I always worried as a young woman that walking alone I would not be able to defend myself should I be attacked due to weakness in my hands and knowing if someone bent my wrists back I’d be a gonner. I’ve learnt lots of handy wrist-friendly things to help that. Stretches we do are particularly useful too and my teacher was great, v supportive. It is a very varied sport and has good community spirit; I have made new friends who do not see me at work with my splints, footrest, wrist rest, chair etc. So if you are up to it, I’d recommend looking into ‘alternative’ sports/exercise. My class stopped for Xmas and I moved house last week so have not been back. I miss it and can feel my body seizing up again – must find a class near new house.

Also, I got 2 useful things for Xmas. Electric toothbrush, mine is fab and handle does not vibrate. My parents also gave me a carrier bag carrier. It is a piece of wood (like a dowel or stick) with grooves running round both ends. You put the handles of the bag in the grooves and hold the wood instead. Great to stop bags digging in your hands and to spread the load of a heavy weight. It is all varnished and ergonomically finished off to make it easy to carry. Works well on Tesco bags, not so well on WHSmith bags as the handles are different. I love it. It was made by a carpenter at a craft fair.

Comment: I’d forgotten all about the carrier bag carrier. My aunt had one given to her a few years ago and she swore by it. Not only did it prevent the bag handles digging into her it also meant that she didn’t twist her wrists in carrying them. As for the electric toothbrush – be careful. A friend of a friend of a friend … got into serious trouble with her dentist because of one of these things. It cleaned her teeth OK but it also damaged her gums due to the pressure/action she was using. Perhaps it might be worth chatting to your dentist if you haven’t already done so. Cheers for now.

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