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Question: Does anyone know of any trick remedies for relieving the pain of golfers elbow? I use an adjustable support at work and am managing the discomfort well but by evening, the “sore” feeling to the inner upper elbow drives me nuts. Ice and pain relieving gels work well, but are not always convenient. Has anyone had any luck with magnets? I’m ready to try anything.

Answer: This may help: Take a double bed size blanket and fold it lengthwise until it is about five or six inches wide. Recline on this elevated narrow blanket from the head to the tailbone extending the arms (palms upward) and legs on the sides of the blanket. This opens the chest area and you are able to breathe deeply and clearly and relax easily. Put your elbows close to your sides (like making a 90 degree angle with your arms/an L). Stay in this position for 15 minutes. I have found is to the most efficacious even for stretching the front of the shoulder. Also, while still on the blanket, put your arms straight at ten o’clock (feel the stretch), then, three o’clock, then seven o’clock positions. This will stretch the inside of the elbow. Best of luck with it.

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