Spreadsheet and DragonDictate

Question: I am attempting to select rows B 9 to B. 15 and highlighting the same rows in the next five columns for the purpose of using’ edit fill right’ using DragonDictate (An example). The only way I can get it to do that is by using the drag command and this is how I have done it most of the time and this means using the mouse. I’d like to get completely hands free but it seems to hate the word select. Selecting and highlighting across rows is a major part of presenting and using excel. I’d appreciate knowing how others do that and if there are varied ways to achieve this.

Answer 1: On SPSS spreadsheets I discovered that shift and the arrows work as a keyboard shortcut for highlighting columns. But so far can only do this if I first click to highlight the first column – but it is the dragging that really kills me so this seems to be working OK. Sorry can’t help with the dragon way of doing it.

Answer 2: Join the voice users mailing list and ask your question there. Go to: http://voicerecognition.com/voice-users/ and join the mailing list from there.

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