Steroid injections not effective longterm

Rheumatologists often want to treat injuries with steroid injections. It’s debatable whether these injections actually do any good. People have often posted to this list saying that either there was no effect or the benefit was short lived, wearing off within a few weeks. I’ve just come across an article on Bandolier which supports this. It might be helpful in persuading a doctor to consider other options.

Comment 1: I am seeing the Rheumatologist tomorrow and this visit will be the 3rd cortisone injection in the wrist, you are right about the effects wearing off only after a few weeks, however the bursitis is worse than ever and I am hoping to discuss an alternative longer lasting remedy, I let you know what happens.

Comment 2: I said no to the shots and got written up in the consultant’s notes as an awkward customer. I admit I have a bit of a phobia about steroids but I really do think some of the doctors should stop and ask themselves why they’re using these injections. Evidence-based medicine and all that.

Comment 3: Just a quick update, I’ve just returned from the Rheumatologist and he now feels that cortisone injections are now not the answer as he feels they are not the solution? Anyway I was thankful for that based on the pain threshold alone!! He now wants me to see his colleague an Orthopedic Surgeon to discuss possible surgery to the wrist! I really feel strongly about this, can you suggest where I can obtain a second opinion? I left his office today with a prescription for a much stronger drug called Meloxicam 7.5mg NSAIDs. As far as he is concerned I must visit the combined clinic in a month! I really didn’t achieve much today! Any suggestions?

Comment 4: I’d say you’re right to want a second opinion to be sure that surgery is the right course before going ahead. What area are you in? Someone else on the list might be able to suggest a specialist. You could also ring the RSI Association. They may be able to suggest someone in your area. I think you said you’re still using a bad workstation at work? It’s probably not going to get any better until that’s changed. You might want to go see the Disability Employment Advisor at your local job centre. The DEA may be able to sort out a decent workstation with your employer, through the PACT scheme. If you haven’t told your employers about the pain, better do so, and tell them that you need help. I know it’s not easy. Good luck.

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