Is there a way to stop this reactive nerve pain?

Question: If the nerves are sensitized in this way, then is the reason that the pain increases in the same place on activity( e.g. typing) because those nerves are being irritated. Is there a way to stop this reactive nerve pain?

Answer: I don’t know about nerve sensitization. The sheaths over the tunnels through with my tendons run are torn — the condition’s called De Quervain’s tenosynovitis and unless it’s treated very early indeed only an operation will do anything.  One of my students has exactly the same thing but only in her left hand and wrist. She had 2 ops, carried out by a very good surgeon, and they didn’t work.  I’ve just realized I may have given you the wrong impression.

A lot of things I have to do hurt my hands. Nor is my typing pain reactive-anticipatory.  Also I tend to see pain as a warning signal, and I don’t like taking lots of painkillers.

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