My straight keyboard is becoming unbearable!

Question: I am trying to buy a Cherry Ergo Plus keyboard. PACT gave me Osmond’s name as a seller (  Unfortunately they are unable to get hold of them.  Does anybody know where I can buy one from?  Alternatively where can I buy the Siemens KBPC E (Nixdorf ergonomic) keyboard from that was mentioned on the list yesterday.  My straight keyboard is becoming unbearable!

Answer 1: I bought a Cherry ergo keyboard myself six months ago from Access. Nice people. Good keyboard, although I’m told that re-mapping to Dvorak would make it even better. See the Pascarelli and Quilter book for hand position – that makes the biggest difference of all!.  You might want to get a good keyboard tray as well – try the board alone first.

Answer 2: You may also want to try Software Warehouse or Dabs Direct as both have decent prices and large stocks of many input devices, including Wacom products. Website will give you a list of stores near to you. You can also search it for whatever you wish, although I always double check by calling their main mail-order branch as they have so much stock that I sometimes like the fuller information I get from talking to a human being .

At I just put the word “Cherry” into their “Search” block and received quite a large list in seconds, including the keyboard you’re looking for.


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  1. what brand is your straight key board? I need a straight key board. I am a gamer, and I want to play a game called “Minecraft” which requires the use of the W,A,S,D instead of the arrow keys for movement. And very often with a normal key board, I will press Q or E instead of W because the stupid keys aren’t in a straight line! I would also like the keyboard to be usb compatible.

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