Stretch Package

Question: Has anyone got the Eval version of stretch break to work? The copy I downloaded had an error in it and would not install.

Answer 1: It installed on mine (Pentium II 450 with 256mb ram) but I did notice a glitch in the install routine, If you say ‘start it now’, it starts it, then re-starts the installation routine again… so say no!

Answer 2: I have tried a couple of times, oh well it must have got corrupted on download. I’m using a PIII 650 128mb ram.

Answer 3: There is a stretch package called Stretchware that you can download unto your computer free for 30 days. The stretches are from Bob Anderson. I tried it and it great to remind you to take a break.

Answer 4: His (Anderson’s) books are pretty good, and they last more than 30 days. Try “Stretching” (the big one) or “Stretching at your computer or desk” More info I think at Shelter Publications website.

Answer 5: I didn’t mean that the stretches last 30 days. The software package lasts 30 days then if you want it you purchase it.

Answer 6: I didn’t think you meant that. It’s just that the books should last, if looked after properly, ooh hundreds of years? Longer than the even the most flexible user anyway!

Answer 7: It’s not a book. It’s a software package you can download free for 30 days and then it’s removed. The book is separate.

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