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I am a final year degree student at the University of Brighton. For my final degree project I have researched and developed a prototype software product to help prevent and reduce the suffering of RSI. I am looking for volunteers to help evaluate the software. I am NOT asking for ONLY sufferers of RSI, anyone interested in helping will be more than welcome. Please note I can only e-mail the software which is 2.48MB, which will be split over two mails. It will only run on Windows 95 / NT.
Some general info:
The software is the result of an analysis of a great deal of formal research that has gone into rest breaks and intensive computer use. It is not a simple ‘timer’ or just an analysis of keystrokes and mouse usage. It aims to promote self management of rest breaks through calculating the user’s optimal break to work ratio and then displaying feedback which indicates to the user how they are performing in terms of meeting the ‘optimal’ rest to break ratio. If the user consistently falls below this ratio a reminder window advises a timed break.

Comment: I am definitely interested in helping you with the development of the software. I have already experience with 5 or 6 other programs. The only thing is, I’m Dutch and I’m not sure if you are aiming at UK-people only. (Wouldn’t be to smart since Dutch people also have RSI) Let me know.

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