Students and RSI

Question: Apropos the current discussion of underfunding for university equipment etc. Can anyone substantiate a rumour that I’ve heard that from next year students will be covered by the EC directive on VDU equipment which came into force a year or so ago for employees? If this is the case, I will be delighted.

Answer 1: Quite the opposite, there are still discussions about getting rid of the directive all together, Sorry.

Answer 2: Just to be clear … you do not mean by altogether scrapping it for staff? I assume just students?

Answer 3: I mean that employers in general are trying to scrap this totally. It is seen as expensive and ineffective (probably because the hardware requirements can be enforced and are of limited value while the “software” requirements of breaks and limiting hours per day on Display Screen apparatus cannot easily be controlled). All professional Safety Officers will, I am convinced, oppose such action, but until we can clearly demonstrate what is effective and what is not there is always going to be a powerful lobby opposed to this legislation.

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