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Question: Hi to all those that I have listened to my bleatings – I have some news: My daughter has got awarded a First in her Molecular Cell Biology degree and will be off to begin a Ph.D in October – YES!!!! Not bad from a girl who hasn’t seen her father since she was 4 and whose mother haven’t been able to work for 11 years!!!! She has now also bought herself a car with a bank loan. So lift those glasses.

Answer 1: Very Many CONGRATULATIONS to you BOTH! My mother was in a similar situation to yourself and I can appreciate how hard you have BOTH had to work to get to this point. Well done and I hope your daughter carries on with her good work.
All the very best!

Answer 2: Don’t you mean “join in the chocolate binge”?  — terrific news

Answer 3: Congratulations to you and your daughter, let’s hear it for Single Moms everywhere. May your daughter go from success to success!

Answer 4: if she’s stuck for a thesis topic how about “why people’s nerve cells go wrong”


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