Success Treatment From A Chiropractor

Question: I was wondering if anyone has had any success with treatment from a chiropractor? I went to see one last week who discovered I had problems with the nerves in my neck and believes that this might be causing the problems in my wrist, hand and lower forearm but is not 100% positive. He did also say that although my history points to an RSI injury, he, like the rheumatologist I saw, could find no evidence of an injury in my wrist.

However, when he was manipulating my neck and right arm there were great shooting pains all the way down my arm and it all flared up after his examination? Has anyone found the treatment helpful in calming everything to a manageable level? I’d be interested to hear of experiences with chiropractors.

Answer 1: I am seeing a chiropractor and he has spoken much more sense than any doctor I ever saw. Although manipulation etc is all well and good (I have neck and back problems), he is also approaching the problem from a homeopathic standpoint and this has led to improvement in the pain department after a couple of months. I am on several homeopathic remedies (Rhus Tox, Bryonia, Gelsenium) plus Magnesium / Calcium supplements and they seem to help.

Answer 2: Mine’s OK – OK so it hurts afterwards for a bit but they know that. So far my manipulation hasn’t seemed to ‘cure’ everything but she’s tested me for food intolerance and I came up ‘dairy’ – 3 weeks from now i should know if it makes a substantial impact on me. She said there’s no actual localized hand troubles that I don’t have elsewhere, it’s an overall body thing that affects other bits of me, but since i use my hands so much they get hurt. Or something like that. Anyway she’s made much more sense than any doctor….

Answer 3: Again, my ‘RSI‘ has nothing really to do with my arms and everything to do with my neck/spine.  An interesting result from a test he did: He took the pulse from my arm, and then he took it again with it straight out, pulled slightly behind me. My pulse was considerably weaker, pointing to my swollen spine muscles obstructing blood flow… (Or something like that!!!). I have had several sessions and I am already noticing an improvement (crunch!).

Answer 4: I had very successful treatment from a chiropracter. She used manipulation and taught me useful exercises and gave advice on how to sit. This, plus getting a new chair, writing board and keying less have led to a huge improvement.

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