Question: Has anybody experimented with diet and supplements to see their effect on RSI? I hear supplements like Glucosamine sulphate are used for muscles/joints etc. Also there is something called Gingko Biloba which increases circulation to the brain and the ‘extremities’. Finally on another unrelated note, does anybody know anything about allergy testing? I want to be tested but am not sure how reputable various tests are.

Answer 1: I had a feeling that B6 helped me a bit and then they went and took it off the market. Still, if it’s dangerous, I suppose it’s ‘for my own good’.

Answer 2: When I first had serious problems I changed to a raw food diet, and also used dietary supplements including glucosamine sulphate. I think that both helped.

Answer 3: I am new to the list, and quite new to RSI. It has been suggested that I try a sulphur supplement. Does anyone have any experience of this, and was it helpful?

Answer 4: I have used MSM by Futurebiotics (USA) for about two weeks and it seems to be helping me (pain reduction). If you are not allergic to sulfur, I certainly would try it if I were you. I take 1/2 teaspoon 1 x day.

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