Swelling of Hands

Question: 8 months ago, over the course of 2 weeks pain and stiffness spread to every part of my body, the doctor diagnosed rheumatoid arthritis. The anti inflamatries prescribed seems to have worked on everything apart from my hands. Although they are better than they were. Last week a specialist diagnosed carpal tunnel syndrome.I find that if my hands are by my side they throb and swell up, they stiffen up completely when resting and develop pins and needles; luckily they only go numb at night now!
I find that holding them up seems to help with the aching and swelling.

Answer 1: My extremities will swell somewhat if I eat bread and flour. So I eat very little of it, and go weeks without it. And I stay away from processed meats completely. If I notice my body is holding water I eat a big piece of watermelon or 8 spears of cooked asparagus. They are both diuretics. I do not want to take water pills. There are no side effects with the watermelon & asparagus, & the swelling is gone by the next day. I did read in the internet that diuretics will help remove the water from around the nerves resulting in less pressure on the nerves, and then the pain is reduced. It works well for me. There is also a germ, Chlamydia pneumonia that causes numbness that goes away after awakening. You can look up those bacteria in the search engines. There are a lot of articles on it & antibiotics will kill it. But it comes back at its earliest opportunity. But the heavy exercise you are doing is not helping your situation. You need to rest your muscles & nerves awhile so they can heal.

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