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Two things: First, my physio has been on a really trendy course to do with chronic pain. Amongst the things discussed (e.g. trigger points etc), nerve fibres and pain was discussed. As we know, there are loops that are created when pain has been experienced a long time. One loop involves the sympathetic nervous system, which has got ‘ganglions’ in various places, primarily the thoracic area, hands elbows, backs of knees and top of feet. The nerve fibres (I don’t know which ones) have an abnormal response pain. To bring them back in line (I am not explaining the logistics, as I don’t want to write too much), they need stimulation to which they respond normally. Usually this can be touch. So basically get your partner to stroke you and touch you in these places every day. Since I don’t have a partner currently, I shall either have to stroke myself or pay someone to do it! This will eventually stop a loop – somewhere! Okay, sorry if this has not been very clear, I’ll get some more stuff from her.

2nd thing is this. I have a spare copy of ‘treat your own neck’. If somebody wants me, email me and I’ll snail mail it to you. I guess if there is more than one person, it will be first come first serve or someone who can’t afford books easily.

Comment 1: Fascinating. Is this on the same original basis as the ‘tens’ type ‘disruption’ of signal? I do not have the theoretical knowledge to assess. It does seem to be the same basis? With the added advantage that it substitutes a pleasurable ‘message’ to overlay the chronic pain whereas tens just disrupts with a neutral (sometimes negative message). Sort of an extension of ‘kissing it better’ which always seems to work with children – not being disparaging at all. One pleasurable input ‘corrects’ the over perception of another. The experience of pain is corrected to normal by the contradiction of the two messages. It also allows the perception of pleasure at the same time, hence taking away the totality of pain (it’s intrusion on other areas). Have I interpreted correctly?

Comment 2: This seems to work! A very light touch along the ‘line of pain’ (mine is wrists). Seems to disrupt the ‘damage caused pain’ but the ‘STOP THAT’ pain can still cut through. 

Comment 3: Sorry I was missing two additional elements in this which would probably increase it’s effectiveness.

  1. The control factor. In having it done to one rather than doing it to oneself, the factor of control is removed. It is just experienced.
  2. An additional pleasure perception, that I am not going into in mixed company.

I am also a partnerless state at the moment so will have to rely on others to post their findings! Like there’s any chance of that.

Comment 4: Interesting this one, because one of the symptoms of RSI according to one of the web sites I visited is an increasing need to massage the area affected.

Comment 5: An interesting one to stumble on…!

Comment 6: Wow, this is really strange! At present I have twinging pain in wrists, especially thickened tendons in palms. Nothing happened when I tried stroking along tendons myself, but when I got someone to do it for me very lightly, I experienced some strange sensations – best way I can describe it is a tingling, <Polo-mint>-like sensation along the line of the tendon, and then something that felt like an electric shock in the OTHER hand, strong enough to make me twitch violently. In fact I kept getting these electric shock sensations all the while my palms were being stroked. How long do you have to have it done for, do you know, and how often? Anyone else feel similar?

Comment 7: “Wow, this is really strange!”- But definitely not unpleasant? Was the pain reduced (your perception of it)? “How long do you have to have it done for, do you know, and how often?”- No Idea how long. If its effects are like tens (sensation similar but definitely not the same) there should be a residual effect that builds up over time. Even self administered, it seemed to disrupt the ‘continuous ache’ as well for a short time (minutes) after. When I started a ‘shouldn’t do this’ type of job I still got the ‘warning pain’ through the feeling. Did you find that you could feel the difference between the right place and ‘off line’. Can’t get at my neck easily anyone had any success there!

Comment 8: I expect they’re all out there stroking their arms, necks, etc or trying to catch 5 minutes of sunshine when it appears from behind the clouds! I shall try to get my hubby to try out this stroking thing and see if it has any effect. I’m really suffering at the moment – purely self-inflicted I’m afraid. I was lifting and carrying a load of boxes of software stuff back and forth yesterday and my hands are now saying “TOLD YOU SO!”. Also I play a brass instrument in a local brass band and we’ve had to be practicing a lot recently for a couple of contests but after this weekend I intend to rest my poor old fingers for a while. Well, in between raiding the box of sweets, tin of biscuits, fridge, fruit basket.

Comment 9: “Anybody else noticed how quiet the list is? We’re all busy stroking ourselves” – Somebody somewhere must have had no effect or a negative effect. There seems to be a difference between a towards and off hands direction and a from hands upwards direction. One seems to be more effective than the other anybody else noticed this? This is a really good ‘excuse’ to take time out as well. PS I wonder if this is the first test of a self administered therapy by an internet list.

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