Sympathy, was: Acupuncture: any comments?

If it is possible to send sympathy down the wire, then you two have mine. I was in the same position as you both at around Christmas. I had to take time off work as I couldn’t even open the door to my office building my arms hurt so much. However, here I am, much improved and if anything working faster than ever. It’s all down to my brilliant voice interface. You have to give up what is causing the pain if you are going to get better. I tried switching to a Maltron keyboard which I think would have helped prevent the pain, but once I had it any typing on any keyboard hurt. Now that I have stopped typing (apart from occasional cheating) I am getting an improvement in my arms. It has been four months since I started to use this interface, and also since I started some heavy physio – neural stretches and the like. I can now do things like wash my hair, weed the garden and generally live life without too much discomfort. Things which require a power grip like sewing, squeezing bottles etc. are still out, but I have hopes for further improvement. I’m using DragonDictate which I would recommend to anyone, but other software is available and it’s all a matter of personal preference. You can get a mini version of this software for only 85 pounds why not give it a try? It’s got to be cheaper than three years of alternative therapies. By the way, if you have AMD type RSI I have found the Boots tension headache relief tablets are good as they have a muscle relaxant in.

Comment: You have my sympathy too! I’ve tried all the things you mentioned and more. While some of them definitely help (Maltron, massage, yoga, swimming, neural stretches) none of them have solved the problem. Six months ago I got a copy of Kurzweil voice recognition software. It has saved my job and career. Without this, I could never have continued typing at the intensity that my job requires. I’m still looking for ways to improve the problem and would appreciate suggestions. But I would recommend voice recognition to anyone. It works!

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