Symptoms and stretches

I’m not pretending to be an expert! For the CTS thread: as I understand it,

  • Tendonitis = inflamation/abrasion of the tendons
  • Tenosynovitis = inflamation/abrasion of tendon sheaths.
  • Carpal tunnel syndrome is pressure on the nerves in the wrist (May be due to tendonitis/tenosynovitis)

The home test for carpal tunnel: 

Do you wake up in the night with worse pain? Other tests indicating something is wrong with the nerves, not necessarily carpal tunnel. Does the temperature control of your hands seem odd e.g. do you get sweaty palms when you are not hot? Hold your arm up with elbow bent and wrist limp, wait a while, are you getting tingling?

Test for ANT see exercises below.
Exercises (You don’t need me to warn you about being careful!) Stretch and test for ANT. Lie on the edge of your bed. Lift your knees and place feet flat on bed, this should keep the lower back relaxed. You need to lie so that your armpit is right on the edge of the mattress. (I hope it goes without saying that you should be face up!) Stretch the arm out, palm upward, at 90 degrees to your body. Bend your fingers slightly towards the floor. (Does it hurt yet?!)Now, keeping your arm in this position, turn your head to look in the opposite direction from the arm. (Does that hurt, then?!) You can work this stretch, within the limits of your pain. I like to bend the elbow and have a good work at the shoulder, then straighten the elbow, keep the fingers crooked and have a work at elbow and wrist then finally stretch fingers and work at those. Finish by curling your arm up to relax afterwards and repeat for the other side. If that didn’t hurt you probably don’t have ANT.

I have been doing Iyenga yoga classes for as long as I have been doing heavy computing. I couldn’t join my class last summer as it was full and it was then that the RSI hit. I think it was probably doing yoga that kept the RSI away until then. Some good stretches similar to those that form Iyenga yoga can be found in a book by Maxine Tobias called Stretch and Relax. (There is a new edition with a different name, but look for the author). I recently bought a book called ‘Conquering carpal tunnel syndrome and other RSI‘ which has some interesting stretches in it, although nobody should do exercise No. 1! By the way, I loved the wine bottle stretch someone suggested in this news group. It is great!

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