Specialists in the S West

Question: I was wondering if anyone had experience of seeing specialists who are interested in RSI issues in the south west. My GP would be willing to refer me to an occupational health specialist, neurologist, or other health specialist/consultant who … Continue reading

CTS And Cycling

Question: I’m a recent joiner to this list, and am finding some of it particularly useful. I now feel brave enough to post my first topic!¬† After many years, I recently bought a shiny new bike. Lots of good healthy … Continue reading

CTS Advice

Question: Do you have any advice which may help me? I am woken at night by CTS pain in my right wrist, which starts as pins and needles and then progresses to cause severe pain in my whole hand and … Continue reading

CTS – Surgery

Question: Since realizing I probably have CTS I have gleaned bits and pieces on surgical procedures, from what I understand it is a very painful procedure (after the surgery has taken place). The other day I met a lady who … Continue reading

Seeing my GP – any advice

Question: I have an appointment with my GP next month, following a first appointment I had with him last week re my RSI/tendonitis/whatever. He was helpful and supportive so I’m not afraid that there will be any problems of the … Continue reading

RSI – Y our message

I suppose you could best describe me as one of the many people who has been pressured to do several people’s work, and expected to do so, because the¬†computer is given as the reason by managements for minimum staff levels … Continue reading

Question / Fingers

Question: Hello, are you have a tingling in your finger? I have started getting it in my fingertips, right where my fingerprints are. Does this usually come up with CTS? Answer 1: When I had CTS that’s what I found … Continue reading