Question: How does one qualify for DLA? Answer: I am surprised at RSI sufferer’s being eligible for DLA. My health was always of more importance than the next person (as far as I’m concerned,) as my wife is severely disabled … Continue reading

Dla And Doctor

Question: Last week I had a meeting with a doctor for dla purposes. The questions made everything I had written (the type of stuff we have in our archives applied to myself) seem completely irrelevant. Basically having established I don’t … Continue reading

DLA – Help!

Question: I had received DLA since 1994 without a problem. Then last December my latest application was refused (though my symptoms are essentially the same as during the last five years) on the grounds that I was not unable to … Continue reading

Disability Living Allowance

Suggestion: A friend of mine recently suggested I should apply for DLA – it had never occurred to me to do so, I didn’t know it wasn’t means tested, etc.  There’s something called the ‘cooking test’: could you, if required … Continue reading

DLA Info

Thanks to everyone who sent me info regarding wrist supports and other tips! I’m hoping that using the wrist supports (which I will do when they arrive!) will give some sort of relief after a hard day of interpreting. On … Continue reading

DLA Appeal

Question: Yesterday I had my DLA Appeal heard and they turned me down. It was obvious from the moment I walked in the room that they had decided not to believe anything I said, and to belittle my condition; the … Continue reading