Question: How does one qualify for DLA? Answer: I am surprised at RSI sufferer’s being eligible for DLA. My health was always of more importance than the next person (as far as I’m concerned,) as my wife is severely disabled … Continue reading


Information: Some good news – the Benefits Agency has just renewed my Disability Living Allowance for another 12 months, on the basis of ‘no change’ in my condition, with no questions and no further investigation. With all the stories around … Continue reading

Disability Living Allowance

Suggestion: A friend of mine recently suggested I should apply for DLA – it had never occurred to me to do so, I didn’t know it wasn’t means tested, etc.  There’s something called the ‘cooking test’: could you, if required … Continue reading

Seeking advice for Tenosynovitis

Question: I am a tenosynovitis sufferer and I have found, through experience, various things that helped me. When it was really bad, I could only type for three minutes on a flat qwerty keyboard before feeling sharp pains in my … Continue reading

DLA Appeal

Question: Yesterday I had my DLA Appeal heard and they turned me down. It was obvious from the moment I walked in the room that they had decided not to believe anything I said, and to belittle my condition; the … Continue reading