Dla Doctors

Question:  Was anybody seen by a doctor when applying for DLA? Does it mean anything if you are seen by a doctor instead of simply being given the dla on the basis of the form? … Continue reading

DLA – Help!

Question: I had received DLA since 1994 without a problem. Then last December my latest application was refused (though my symptoms are essentially the same as during the last five years) on the grounds that I was not unable to … Continue reading

Disability Living Allowance

Suggestion: A friend of mine recently suggested I should apply for DLA – it had never occurred to me to do so, I didn’t know it wasn’t means tested, etc.  There’s something called the ‘cooking test’: could you, if required … Continue reading

Solicitors questions

Re Linda’s comments on solicitors. Alas, legal aid is no longer available for personal injury claims. Fans of legal irony might like to note that the act of parliament which withdrew legal aid was called the “Access to Justice Act”.  If you can’t … Continue reading

Seeking advice for Tenosynovitis

Question: I am a tenosynovitis sufferer and I have found, through experience, various things that helped me. When it was really bad, I could only type for three minutes on a flat qwerty keyboard before feeling sharp pains in my … Continue reading


My experience of a Rheumatologist – does this say something about them? I was referred by the Orthopaedic specialist to the Rheumatologist at the same hospital to see if he could deal with the inflammation in the forearms. Orthopaedic doctor said … Continue reading