Disability Discrimination Act

Question: I wonder if you can help – I am trying to find out if RSI is covered by the disability discrimination act and I was wondering if anyone knows where RSI sufferers stand with this. (Sorry if this has … Continue reading

Sleepless night

There is a good book written by Dr. Harold Levinson:”Phobia Free”. In it he describes how to fall asleep, if one has a habit of sleeplessness. One to 2 teaspoons (12.5 – 25 mg) Benadryl Antihistamine (Liquid) prior to bedtime … Continue reading

Trigger Finger

I have had RSI for 10 years now and for a couple of years I was involved with a charity called the Body Action Campaign, devoted to addressing problems of RSI in children. The initial aim was to develop a … Continue reading

Dental Hygienists With RSI

Question: I am a dental hygienist suffering from occupational overuse syndrome aggravated by a bicycle accident four years ago. My first mistake was to work and work some more through PAIN until it got worse. Along with severe shoulder pain … Continue reading

To armrest or not to armrest?

To armrest or not to armrest? That is the question. Here are the principles. The positions are critical. Too high and your shoulders will be raised and therefore tensed. You will also have too much pressure on the forearms and the … Continue reading

RSI – chronic, non-curable stage?

Question: How do you know when you’ve got to the chronic, non-curable stage? I know it’s not an exact point, but what are the signs? I have asked most of the specialists I have seen, including my Rolfer, if they … Continue reading

T E N S Machines

TENS works on voltage not current. By stimulating the smaller sensory nerves, it is shown to inhibit the flow of pain signals along the larger nerve trunks. The reason that alkaline cells work better than rechargeables is that the AA/AAA/C/D … Continue reading

RSI from Driving

Question: I have only just joined this list, mostly because I believe that all the driving I have to do in my job (as a service engineer) is causing me problems. Last year I did 36,000 miles. I have pains in my … Continue reading