Favorite Shoulder pain

Question: I have a very painful shoulder that has gradually got worse over time; I spend all day in front of a computer moving a mouse about with my arm stuck out at more or less the same angle. I’m … Continue reading

Cramps Of The Hand And Forearm

Question:  After suffering various pains (sharp and stiff / aching) in the fingers of both hands for almost 5 years I have just received a diagnosis from my employer’s medical assessor of “Muscular Cramps in the hand and Forearm”. I’d … Continue reading

Tenosynovitis for computer programmer

Question: Well, like most people, I never expected RSI to happen to me, but here I am. I’ve been working as a computer programmer for about 3 years, and started to develop very mild and occasional tingling in my wrists over … Continue reading

RSI-UK Digest for 2 Sep 1997

Question: I was wondering if anyone had any thoughts on way of reducing mouse usage, or more exactly reducing injuries from mouse usage. Mice tend to be worse than keyboard for hand strain. One way of dealing with this is by … Continue reading

Nixdorf Siemens Keyboards in the UK

Question: After reporting some mild pain in my left hand and arm I’ve been advised to  buy a proper keyboard. Some suggested the Nixdorf Siemens KBPC E, which looks a good compromise between some very expensive devices I’ve seen and … Continue reading

Pain Clinics

Question: Does anyone have any bright ideas. I have recently been for a course of Physio where they put my neck in traction. It did actually work but during the Christmas break (with no physio) the pain worsened & they … Continue reading