Social Security Workers

I need to share my experience, this afternoon, in a telephone conversation with a Social Security Worker regarding a possible claim for incapacity benefit. My GP recommended that I apply for incapacity benefit – which I duly did, not anticipating that … Continue reading

Trigger Finger

I have had RSI for 10 years now and for a couple of years I was involved with a charity called the Body Action Campaign, devoted to addressing problems of RSI in children. The initial aim was to develop a … Continue reading

Time scale for VR systems

Having being diagnosed with tenosynovitis and CTS in March, I am now in the position where I can’t return to work until they have voice recognition in for me. I informed them of my inability to use keyboards to any … Continue reading

Children In Schools & RSI

Question: I’m curious to know about training & health & safety in schools with regards to RSI. Having talked to a teacher today in a primary school with a swish new IT suite, it seems there is no provision for … Continue reading

RSI Support group

Question: Could someone please send me the address or phone number of the RSI support group, I think that’s what they are called, in the UK. My problem being, I’ve recently been trained on a supermarket checkout and have developed … Continue reading

Campaigning about computer use in schools

Question: I’d like to see some campaigning about computer use in schools. Look at any newspaper photo of a child sitting at a computer and I guarantee they will be demonstrating ergonomic disaster. Usually they are seated too low with … Continue reading

RSI association support groups

Question: I saw from the web pages that there’s an RSI Association support group here in Cambridge (UK) – is anyone on this list a member? I’m interested in getting in touch. Answer 1: Thanks for your interest in this issue. I … Continue reading