Maltron or Microsoft keyboard

As someone said earlier, what is best for one set of circumstances doesn’t always work in others. Just to add, then, that I found the Maltron keyboard very useful and was advised when I switched to the Microsoft keyboard that it … Continue reading

RSI guard – alternative

I use something called Ergo-Sentry which has all the features of RSI– Guard *except* the freeze-up! You can always override its advice – so you have to decide to be sensible and take its advice – you can customise to your … Continue reading

Newbie – Have I got RSI?

Question:  I have only jus joined this mailing list, but I want to get straight on and ask some questions. I am 16, and have used my computer a lot for a couple of years. I have had problems (over … Continue reading

An Alternative to a Mouse

Another idea which I have now used and is excellent is an ArtPad II  It is available as Dos/Windows or Mac and it comprises of a “pen” and a “pad”. The pen you direct and hold as you would when … Continue reading

Stages of RSI

The idea of “stages of RSI” arose in Australia in the early 1980’s, when people were trying to become more “scientific” about the problem.  The idea was that early stages were supposed to be easy to cure, but late stages … Continue reading

Trackball makes comeback

Question: MOUSE PREDECESSOR COULD BE MAKING A COMEBACK Mouse makers Microsoft and Logitech have turned their attention to the trackball, a piece of hardware that preceded the mouse as a computer input device. The trackball fell out of favor in … Continue reading