Dental Hygienists With RSI

Question: I am a dental hygienist suffering from occupational overuse syndrome aggravated by a bicycle accident four years ago. My first mistake was to work and work some more through PAIN until it got worse. Along with severe shoulder pain … Continue reading

The brick wall. Again !

I just saw a Rheumatologist again today (not the guy I saw first, he was on holiday), the Doctor read the clinical notes and said, “Did you take the long holiday Dr B. recommended?”. “No”, I replied it was not … Continue reading

Tendonitis Treatment

Question: I have been suffering with Tendonitis in my right elbow and shoulder and this has caused me to be absent from work for 12 months. After resting, physio, acupuncture and osteopathy, an x-ray, MRI scan and 3 cortisone injections my … Continue reading

Scintigraphy and Scintograms

Question: I went to see a Rhuematologist. He made it clear that he believed I had no problem. As a matter of fact he clarified his position by saying that “…your problem is psychiatric…”! Obviously that left me dumbfounded as … Continue reading

No Subject

I know this is going to sound like common sense, but I have found that eating  a good diet, exercising regularly, drinking in moderation, and being aware of  your condition is a great boon to recovery. My name is Graeme, … Continue reading

Test & Treatments for RSI

Question: I first developed RSI in 1985. Treatment consisted of 6 Months off work and 18 months of part time work and Physio. If returned to full time employment in 1987. My compensation provider would not answer any correspondence after … Continue reading