Question: I’m new to the list and would very much appreciate any recommendations for Osteopaths. My doctor thinks I have Carpal Tunnel Syndrome but I also have problems with my knees, back and neck (just about everything clicks!). Of course, I have to … Continue reading

Osteopaths and Physiotherapists

Question: I have tried several different practitioners. Peter, you want to try to avoid the bone-cracking type of osteopath – I always felt worse after seeing one of these! The sort of brisk lady who says “now, we’ll just twist your neck … Continue reading

Acupuncture or Osteopathy

Question: Has anyone used any of the above and can recommend a good one who has experience with RSI sufferers?  Also does anyone know a Neurologist, Rheumatologist, or Orthopedic surgeon with interest in RSI sufferers? Answer 1: I went to … Continue reading