Advice needed please

Question: I’m just a new reader of this group. I’ve been suffering from RSI since  the beginning of February and have just returned to work after having a  month off resting. I’ve had various tests to make sure nothing is … Continue reading

Advice needed

Question: What? No swimming? Then how am I supposed to get any exercise? Walking when the weather is decent, I suppose, but that isn’t very often in London and anyway it doesn’t do much for the all-important upper body.  More … Continue reading

Radical keyboard rethink

Question: Is the usual position of the keyboard, i.e. horizontal in front on the desk, actually a desirable position or is it just a hangover from mechanical typewriters? Answer: In general, body joints like to operate in mid-range. Thus, despite … Continue reading

RSI situation in the UK

Question: There are a lot of institutions that are dealing with the prevention of RSI, the Dutch Ministry of Social Affairs and Employment has set up a special website with information about RSI. A lot of employers are buying pause … Continue reading

Is it official now?

Question: I went back to rheumatologist today and he says that as the cortisone jab did not work. I don’t have arthritis?! It is now upper limb disorder. Am I an RSI member now? What can you tell me about … Continue reading

Health and safety… While typing

Question: Does anyone know of any good sites for health and safety at  work while typing? Answer:  provides Yoga stretch breaks especially designed for those who work at keyboards. There are stretches for the wrists and hands, the shoulders, … Continue reading

Homeopathic treatment

Question: Has anyone tried homeopathic treatments-specifically rhus tox for tenosynovitis/tendonitis? Answer 1: I’ve taken a homeopathic remedy but not for RSI. it was for a bad sinus headache. A pharmacist who knew about homeopathy suggested it and advised on the … Continue reading


Question: Has anyone any info on this growing WRULD? Sonographers are health care a professional who are increasingly at risk of neck/shoulder and arm RSI’s little is published in this country though the US is beginning to address the problem.. … Continue reading