Tendinitis Advice

Question: I was diagnosed as having tendinitis by my GP in August of last year. The symptoms are a diffuse dull aching in my hands which increases with computer use, writing etc. The joints of my right ring finger are particularly … Continue reading

Changing Jobs

Question: I saw my Doc today and she also suggested I change careers. Anyone got any advice for a 40 something female whose whole life since the age of 17 has been attached to a keyboard of some kind. I … Continue reading

Pacing and RSI Recovery

Question: Why is it that I hear so little from people recovering from RSI about the difficulty of pacing yourself to avoid setbacks? Answer 1: To me, this seems the biggest difficulty, as over the year that I have had RSI, I … Continue reading

I’m at my wits’ end

Question: Yet again I’m at my wits’ end with my ***!!!@@! desk set up. Coming back from a week’s holes (parole?) at home has driven the point in, though to be honest I dreaded coming back anyway.  Have given up … Continue reading