Information: Just some general information as many of you have been kind enough to reply to my requests for info.  I saw the local DEA (Disability Employment Advisor) just before Xmas as I was hoping to find out if RSI … Continue reading

Disability Discrimination Act

Question: I wonder if you can help – I am trying to find out if RSI is covered by the disability discrimination act and I was wondering if anyone knows where RSI sufferers stand with this. (Sorry if this has … Continue reading

Disability Benefit

Question: I am wondering if there are people on the list who have had to give up work due to rsi and had to go on benefit. I am not sure how much longer I will be able to continue … Continue reading


Question: Does anyone know of any disadvantages from registering disabled with RSI/WRUBLD please? Answer: Registering as disabled is not the same as it used to be as the Disability Discrimination Act removed the green card registration system. The Disability Discrimination … Continue reading

DDA – Disability Discrimination Act

Information: In recent months there have been a number of postings from people living with RSI, who are having problems persuading their employers RSI is a disability under the DDA legislation.  A DDA Tribunal ruling has now been reported which … Continue reading