RSI Guard Software

Question: RSI-Guard software. Basically – What is it and where can I get it? (+price?) Is it any good? Answer 1: Try It’s about $30.00 for two PC’s. Yes it is good. It can stop you working even on a … Continue reading

Using RSI guard

Well, I had a look at the RSI Guard site after the lady ‘advertised’ it on the net. I’ve been looking for something that would actually stop me from typing and this certainly does. You have to answer a few questions and … Continue reading

RSI guard – alternative

I use something called Ergo-Sentry which has all the features of RSI– Guard *except* the freeze-up! You can always override its advice – so you have to decide to be sensible and take its advice – you can customise to your … Continue reading

RSI guard

Question: I am a student RSI sufferer from Holland. Currently I am using the program ‘Workpace’. It contains about the same features as RSI guard. The company behind Workpace has license contracts with museum, universities and other educational institutes, academic hospitals, libraries, technological … Continue reading

RSI in the Y2K

Question: Dr John Quintner, Consultant Physician in Rheumatology and Pain Medicine in Australia, has sent this very interesting article which I thought you would like to see. Thanks to Dr Quintner for sending the article. I will upload it to … Continue reading


Using an auto-click feature will help reduce the chances of developing a repetitive stress injury.  As most of us know, if you spend eight hours a day at your job, typing away, and at night you’re clicking a remote on … Continue reading