Specialists – help wanted

Question: I feel I am going around in circles at the moment! After a lot of persuasion my GP (who seems to think that the pain I have in my arm is psychological rather than physical) agreed to refer me … Continue reading


My surgery says that they can recommend me to go and see specialists in RSI in other parts of the country if such exist. This is important to me for firstly, any insight into my own RSI, and secondly, because … Continue reading


Question: I wonder if anyone’s had a similar experience to mine or can advise me. My employer wants a diagnosis of RSI/WRULD from my GP. My GP says she’s not too confident about giving a diagnosis without some backup from … Continue reading

RSI Specialists

Contact the RSIA: Chapel House 152-154 High Street Yiewsley, West Drayton Middlesex UB7 7BE Tel/Fax 01895 – 431134 They may be able to put you in touch with someone. I hate to be depressing but… No one has won a … Continue reading

New to List

Question:  Hi I’m new to the list and have been suffering with pretty much constant pain in my right hand, wrist & base on thumb since 11/99. I have been working on computers for the last 4 years. I used … Continue reading

New Member Needs Urgent Help!

Question:  I am a new member of this mailing list. I need some advice and help from other members of this list. I was diagnosed with severe de quervain’s tenosynovitis in my right hand at the end of May 2001. … Continue reading

Anyone seen this Dr?

Question: Has anybody seen a Dr Rose of King’s College Hospital, London? (Neurology dept.)  I am asking because I saw my NHS specialist again recently. I told him I felt my hands were growing progressively weaker and it was a … Continue reading

Orthopaedist, neurologist

Question: I am interested in finding either an orthopaedist or a neurologist with experience in treating RSI. Thank you. Answer 1: I have seen a brilliant RSI specialist who is a rheumatologist …… Interested? Answer 2: Yes, please, I would really like … Continue reading

Physiotherapy in London

Question: Can anyone recommend a physiotherapist in central London or know how I can find out myself? Answer: There is a specialist kind of physiotherapy that you need to be asking for it’s called ANT (Adverse Neural Tension). I don’t know of … Continue reading

Please advise…

Question:I would be very appreciated if anyone could provide me of the following information,   1) Any treatment eg. Acupuncture, medicated oil, seeing therapist… that you think is effective? 2) Any experts or specialists or hospitals, preferably in Manchester that you … Continue reading