Mac OS update supports VR again

Thought the following would be of interest to the Mac users on this list: Mac OS 8.6 released Apple announced that Mac OS 8.6, the newest version of the Mac’s operating system is now available. The update is free to any owner … Continue reading

Voice recognition software for the Macintosh

Question: A friend asked me about voice recognition software for the Macintosh. Any recommendations? Answer: I use voice-power pro version 3.1 UK edition from dragon systems. It works for operating systems 7.5.1 to 8.6.Ideally you need to run the software … Continue reading

Voice recognition comparison chart

Question: Is there a Voice recognition comparison chart available? Answer: There’s a VR comparison chart here. Note that this is a commercial site. As the URL indicates, their niche is technology for the dyslexic, and this includes VR systems.  If … Continue reading