I asked at the RSI support group meeting on Saturday about splints (we have our own captive Occupational Therapist – she got RSI when she was a milliner and has re-trained as an OT!) There is the type which is … Continue reading

Tenosynovitis for computer programmer

Question: Well, like most people, I never expected RSI to happen to me, but here I am. I’ve been working as a computer programmer for about 3 years, and started to develop very mild and occasional tingling in my wrists over … Continue reading

Aining muscle

Question: I’m new to the list so I assume a little intro is appropriate. I developed rsi hard and fast in Feb, affecting both wrists. On sick for 7 months, now back only part time. Still can’t type/drive much/lift heavy … Continue reading

Active Release Technique

Sebastian Gonzales: I’m going to talk to you about carpal tunnel syndrome, or rather, some of the more common causes of carpal tunnel syndrome which you probably have not heard about before. Traditionally, it’s been thought that the cause of … Continue reading

Massage Therapy

Hilma Volk: One of my passions, in recent years, is helping people to help themselves to treat their own carpal tunnel, or things that resemble carpal tunnel, or things that aren’t carpal tunnel at all but give problems to the … Continue reading