Shoulder blade

Question: Does anybody experience any pain at the bottom left of the right shoulder blade? I always get a fairly sharp physical ache there which seems to be a starting point for a flare which of course is daily. Answer … Continue reading

Tenosynovitis and Rheumatology

Question: I have De Quervain’s tenosynovitis. Recently I heard tenosynovitis called a rheumatological condition. What does this mean? – A friend did suggest once that what I had was rheumatism but we checked her books and found out that my condition … Continue reading

Tenosynovitis for computer programmer

Question: Well, like most people, I never expected RSI to happen to me, but here I am. I’ve been working as a computer programmer for about 3 years, and started to develop very mild and occasional tingling in my wrists over … Continue reading


Question:  My problem started the end of 2000, so quite new compared to some, was told by gp I have tenosynovitis due to the job i do….10 hours a day data inputting for law enforcement!!! bear in mind I have … Continue reading