TOS Sufferer

Question: I have had problems with my neck and right arm for over 5 years. It’s only been the last two years that I eventually diagnosed as having trapped thoracic nerve. It has been particularly bad in the last five months, the … Continue reading

Tendonitus sufferer

I first went sick with what is now diagnosed as tendonitus, I was told by a GP that there is no such thing as RSI! I was prescribed the usual anti-inflammatory drugs, Cataflan and Aulin. Bothwere effective but I was … Continue reading

TENS unit? Surgery?

Question: What exactly is a TENS Unit? Has anyone on the list had surgery for carpal tunnel? What did it involve? Did it help? I have to go see the hospital in March and this is bound to come up then. … Continue reading

Use of TENS

Question: The rheumatologist gave me a machine called TENS to use, which blocks pain. I am ambivalent about using it, in the same way I am ambivalent about using painkillers because I don’t think it deals with the cause and can lead … Continue reading

Tennis Elbow Treatment

Question: Has anybody got over a case of tennis elbow? If so, what course of treatment did you try, did anything in particular work better for you? I now have it in both elbows. My uncle had a case diagnosed as … Continue reading

“Pain Gone” Pens

Question: Has anyone used “Pain Gone” pens? Answer: I know of a TNS type “Pain Gone” which is supposed to be an advance on TENS machines. It’s like a chunky pen and you click it like a pen to send … Continue reading

Test & Treatments for RSI

Question: I first developed RSI in 1985. Treatment consisted of 6 Months off work and 18 months of part time work and Physio. If returned to full time employment in 1987. My compensation provider would not answer any correspondence after … Continue reading