Separate keypads & the Maltron

I do not know of any separate cursor key group. We could make one, but it would have to contain a special chip to work in parallel with the other keyboard. We have thought of making a separate number pad … Continue reading

To armrest or not to armrest?

To armrest or not to armrest? That is the question.┬áHere are the principles. The positions are critical. Too high and your shoulders will be raised and therefore tensed. You will also have too much pressure on the forearms and the … Continue reading

Children In Schools & RSI

Question: I’m curious to know about training & health & safety in schools with regards to RSI. Having talked to a teacher today in a primary school with a swish new IT suite, it seems there is no provision for … Continue reading


Question: This is an old question but can someone give me the names of some screensavers which remind you to take a break? Answer 1: I have ergo-sentry which is more than a screen saver. It watches what you do … Continue reading

RSI Network Newsletter

Question: Congratulations to all on the first issue of the reborn RSI Network Newsletter. An excellent production! Thanks for reviving the Newsletter, I’ve missed it. For anyone who missed the earlier mentions — you can get the newsletter, plus other … Continue reading