Yoga for RSI

I found that my yoga was probably preventing the onset of RSI. It wasn’t until I was unable to go to classes one term, so wasn’t doing any regular stretching exercises that I started to get problems. A good teacher will be … Continue reading

RSIA 0800 number and other info

The RSIA newsletter arrived today. Amongst many other very interesting items is the news that there is now a Free phone number for advice. The number is 0800 018 5012. Presumably the line will still be open 11.30 – 4, Monday to … Continue reading

RSI from mouse use

Question: This may sound somewhat promotional but I think I may be able to suggest some help. My company has invented a product, Ergowrist, for mouse users. It is only about two weeks old. Prototype models got rave reviews. I have a number … Continue reading

RSI Association

RSI ASSOCIATION – MANAGEMENT COMMITTEE The RSIA Management Committee is made up of members of the Association acting in a voluntary capacity. The Committee meets approximately six times a year, usually in London; travelling expenses are payable. The Committee, who are … Continue reading

RSI and Exercise

Question: Does anyone know if resistance exercises (static weight training) has an adverse effect for RSI sufferers? After exercising at my local gym using moderate weights for exercising upper body, my forearms seem to suffer as if I’ve been at the keyboard … Continue reading

RSI and Age

Question: There have been a few postings to this list on the relationship between stress and RSI. What I am wondering is, is there a link between age and RSI? The reason I ask is that I spent 10 years … Continue reading

Bad keyboarding habits

Question: I’m new to the list. I’ve had RSI-type problems (tenosynovitis and additional stuff in my forearm) since last summer. I’m seeing a physio, take lots of breaks and have done my best to sort out a healthier workstation. I’m … Continue reading


Question: I have developed a RSI to the elbow originally ignited by an injury to the anconeous, a tiny muscle in the elbow. That was three years ago. After physio, cortisone, two surgeries (tennis elbow first and carpal tunnel syndrome … Continue reading

Need Help

Question: I have just been diagnosed by my Doctor with having RSI. He suggested that the only way to stop the pain in my hand is to rest it completely – he was going to sign my off work for … Continue reading

Keyboard shortcuts

Question: Does anyone know of a quick shortcut for the Win95 minimize all windows”command? Answer: If you have the M$ Natural keyboard, then Windows Key-M works. Question: How do you use the 3 symbols on the top right of applications … Continue reading