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Thank you Jean a thousand times. Finally someone who is trying to find solutions within herself and not only letting others (professionals) decide what is good for you. Research conducted in the University of Nijmegen(Holland) showed that RSI was and is a highly-STRESS-related problem. That means: “take a look in the mirror!” and try to find ways to reduce the stress. Some of them are quite simple (why should you be angry when it’s raining? can you do anything about that? so why should you bother?) others are more complex (dead-lines at work, a boss who keeps on pushing you…..). Just remember that you are the director of your own YOU. Most things that happen don’t just happen to you, YOU let it happen (you gave away your steering-wheel to somebody else). What I am trying to say here is of course all those physiotherapists/acupuncturists/osteopaths…. are doing excellent work but there is also a HUGE part that YOU can influence yourself.  For a more scientific approach take a look at: www.workpace.com

Answer:  Have you got a reference for that? — I know research that shows there’s no one-way relationship between stress and RSI, rather, there’s a relationship between work, stressed working environments, and RSI.  I’m glad you think acupuncturists are…. I am a relaxation adept, taught by a student of the man who wrote the major book on biofeedback here…. and I tore the sheaths over my tendons… My friend is very relaxed indeed — she got polio…

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