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Question: Has anybody heard of voice recognition software called TalkTechnology? I had a visit yesterday from a chap inspecting my workstation, who was sent via the Employment Services. He said that TalkTechnology is an alternative to Dragon and IBM, it’s cheaper and it seems to cope much better with background noise levels. This last point would really sell it for me!

Answer:  I think he is referring to Voice Xpress which is sold by a number of suppliers including:
Talking Technologies
34a Glazbury Road, London, W14 9AS
Tel: 0171 602 4107 Fax: 0171 603 2109
Voice Xpress is a L&H product (see I’ve used Voice Xpress professional (around #120 when we bought it). Its got some good points:
– open and control applications by voice
– decent set of natural language commands for Word Excel etc.
– dictate directly into lots of applications
– runs fairly well on non-blisteringly fast computers (eg P233)
– correcting hands-free is quite easy “correct <wrong words>”
But…several annoyances…
– if your word is not listed during a correction you have to spell the whole lot in (Dragon and ViaVoice often predict it after the first few letters)
– when you correct something involving punctuation it does not seem to fix the spacing…
– does not keep a recording of your voice… (I often forget what I actually said when confronted with a whole lot of misrecognised words)
– on *my* PC it seemed to slightly more crashes than the other.. (that may be my fault)
All I would say is whatever is recommended for you by PACT make sure that they fund some decent training! I haven’t used it in particularly noisy situations – but I do think that microphone quality is often an important factor in these situations.

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