Question: Does anybody know where I can get a good quality telephone which also has either a headset (preferably) or a clear 2-way speaker phone, which isn’t going to break the bank!? I’ve tried just about every make Argos and the other high street places have and they’re all pretty poor quality.

Answer 1: You can buy a headset that will fit any standard phone – several different styles available i.e.: over-the-head, one earphone; over-the-head, two earphones; fit-in-one-ear (nothing over the head). You can also get a two-way switch attachment which means that you can use either a headset or a handset, at will. Headset range from 75-100 pounds. I have one at work that cost about 85 pounds. It’s excellent.

Answer 2: This reply is about headsets, not speakerphones. On all moders phones, the handset plugs into the phone with a little clear plastic rectangular plug – like a miniature version of the plug you use to plug the phone into a socket in the wall. The headset just plugs into the phone instead of the handset. You can also get a two-way adaptor that plugs into your phone, and then you plug both the handset and the headset into it – so you can use either and easily switch between them.
Fulcrum Headsets
Fulcrum House
Hillbottom Road
Sands Industrial Estate
High Wycombe
Bucks HP12 4HJ
Tel: 01494 513360
Fax: 01494 520572
Prices range 50-100 pounds plus VAT

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