Telesales Calls

Right off track – If the telephone rings and you struggle to get there only to find a ‘salesperson’ on the line, just say ‘I was just thinking about ******* could you hold the line for a moment, I’ve got some milk on the stove. – leave the receiver off the hook and go back to what you were doing.

Comment 1: I think that’s great – we’re always getting ‘phone calls from double glazing, photo studios and the like – they’re really irritating aren’t they and you’re right it’s always just in the middle of tea, work, a really good telly programme or as you say when you’re really struggling to do something! Brilliant – keep ’em coming.

Comment 2: I’ve solved this one by being ex-directory (for years now) and never giving my phone number on mail order forms or anything similar. I reckon anyone who really needs to phone me will have been given my number personally, by me, by choice. This solves everyone except the utilities and BT! – Who, by definition, have my phone number! But you can tell their sales people to mark your computer file with ‘do not phone’ – it works. No more cold calls, ever.

Comment 3: For years after my grandfather (totally different name to mine) died, we kept his name in the phone directory, living in same house. As soon as somebody phoned asking for “Mr P…” no matter how cunning they thought they were being, we could just say straight away, No thanks, we never buy from cold callers. It was extremely funny when they were obviously wondering; how the Heck did they know?

Comment 4: Don’t know if it will help you, but when I worked as call centre agent we were told if client said “Take me off all your lists” we were to “kill” that client, and they would never be called again from our list or master list. I rarely get tele calls these days, only banks calling me for insurance, and then I tell them, hadn’t they heard, I’ve just gone bankrupt. That works well too.

Comment 5: I thought that as well – I’m also ex-directory and must admit I don’t get too many cold calls. However I am surprised at the odd one when I don’t know how they’ve managed to get the number! (Perhaps I should ask them…). BT as you say are one of the worst. I think I’ll adopt your approach and just tell them not to phone!! Has anyone else also noticed how they get loads of unsolicited mail even though they always tick the boxes saying they don’t want their details shared…. Why do I suspect a lot of companies just ignore that!!

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