Television Trade Creep Effect

I have found an explanation for civil claims. I am not an expert of law but need to find out as much information I can to help my own claims, as quoted in the text I found. “Civil law has developed to compensate one person for damage received through another’s action or inaction. Most civil claims will be brought under the tort, or civil wrong, of negligence. That is, the employee will argue that the employer failed in his or her duty of care to safeguard the worker’s health. In a civil court the plaintiff (employee) MUST SHOW (A) that the defendant (employer) owed the worker a duty of care, (B) that the employer negligently breached that duty, and (C) that the employee suffered damage as a result of that breach.”

Comment : Yes that definitely clarifies the situation. I am VERY impressed that you have quoted the law so concisely! Where did the paragraph in quotes come from?

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